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That time again!

Yes, yes…sorry for anyone who wondered whether I’d be wiped off the face of the earth. I haven’t….although it came close thanks to an Audi A3 driver who didn’t know how to read a priority sign last night on the way to the cinema.

Anyway, enough of my driving quibbles and two…yes, two…images from the new D3100. Hold yourselves back, please. I’m still wrestling with some colour control on the sunsets as it’s less of a “set roughly and shoot” camera, more a “think a bit harder and try half a dozen times” camera. However, it’s enjoyable.

First up is the very first outing I had with it where I spotted a lone cormorant in Neyland nature reserve. it let me get quite close until a dog walker blundered past and frightened it off. Neyland nature reserve would be nice if it wasn’t for the dogs harassing the swans and so on. I dare say it didn’t see me as a threat as I don’t look the climbing type and wouldn’t dare go out that far over water 🙂

A nice, oily seabird before it got frightened off. Not by me though!

Next up, a timed exposure from my favourite waterfall, but this time from the top where there are some little streams and the water has cut out some bends. It was very still, so I thought the picture would look pretty god and show up some of the Wild Garlic sprouting around the place. Looks nice but smelt nicer. Oh, if only you had smell-o-vision.

Some rushing water and Wild Garlic in flower

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