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More castles anyone?

Hello all. Well, the few people I know who have signed up to get email alerts anyway! Recently, I spoke briefly about the plethora of castles in the county and include a picture of another, more town based this time. This is the castle in Pembroke, a fairly large town over the estuary from where I live.

Pembroke Castle, from the end of the Mill Pond where the swans rarely gather to harass you!

Unfortunately, in todays traffic riddled towns, this castle has an unenviable place at the heart of a big one-way system, but it’s pleasant to visit nonetheless and is, during the tourist season, quite busy with falconry and battle demonstrations, so it’s always worth glancing at the board as I pass, see what’s coming up! if anyone should wish to see if it’s worth a look in, you can find details here (annoyingly, the picture on the website is better than mine as they had a wide-angle lens);

Below is another picture to convince those who say to me “that was a rubbish sunset, there wasn’t any sun” that the statement is rubbish. I love this picture, the shades and the “popcorn clouds”. No sun indeed, pah!

A lovely shaded dusk over the hills with "popcorn clouds"

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It’s amazing what you can find down a farm track

Bit misty and murky here of late so not a huge amount of opportunity to go out getting new shots, so I am afraid that you’ll have to suffer the archives for a little while longer.

An old plough, languishing in the undergrowth

These two pictures were taken down a track not far from me, relics of farming days gone by I imagine in the form of an old glass house and a plough, decaying away in the verge. Shame really, I dare say the plough would be snapped up as a feature in a garden or even an old farming museum, given half a chance. Although it was a while back now, I’m sure it’s still there.

I considered forging a route through the undergrowth to have a closer look at the glass house but, knowing my propensity for either ripping clothing or standing on/in things I shouldn’t, I passed!

An old glass-house, ripe for exploring and/or inflicting all sorts of injuries

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Spring is around the corner

No great sunsets or warm weather as yet, but the Met Office promise that temperatures will be regularly getting into the realms of double figures soon, so it would appear that Spring may well be in the realms of being sprung.

Daffodils and Snowdrops, near Neyland Nature Reserve

As a celebration, just posting a couple of pictures of the national emblem, the Daffodil, here. These lovely flowers grown in our front garden bank and back garden and are emerging as we speak, one is on the verge of popping out and there some Primroses and Snowdrops on their way too. Thank goodness, I can drop the gloves soon! Mind you, I didn’t really need them this afternoon, decided to go for a bike only to have a puncture halfway and have to walk back so was kept very warm!

This is all thanks to the local farmers who, around this time, massacre the hedgerows (what remains of them) with what’s akin to a medieval flail bolted on the back of a tractor. Nice. Cheers guys, I found one of your thorns sticking out my tyre…you now owe me a tyre patch from Halfords!!

Ooh nearly forgot, here’s a lovely timelapse video that may interest you all…

Daffodils in the shade of the tree on our garden bank

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A couple of sunsets

Sorry, but I had an awful day at work today so my brain is a bit fried and all I can think to post is a couple of sunsets, may favourite type with the high clouds that reflect pink for a long time after the sunset.

The longest, featheriest cirrus cloud evvahh!

This one is the longest and most feathery cirrus cloud I have ever seen, I had to take a number of shots as I couldn’t fit it all in the lens spreading from one horizon to the other; it left me wishing I had a wider angle lens but for the £300 it costs and the amount of times I have needed it, I don’t think I really should!

The latter is a nice colourful shot from nearby fields which I can’t recall if I have posted once before earlier in the blog. However, if I have I’m sure it’s not the exact image and I like it, so hope you do too.

Lovely multicoloured sunset over the fields

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A bit of a mix for St Valentines

Belt of Venus and incoming tide, Broadhaven

Hello all. First picture here is a sunset off Broadhaven which benefits from lovely weather in the summer and massive surf during the winter, which makes it popular all year round. When I say massive, this isn’t Hawaii and what do I know, when I tried surfing I ended up breaking a toe…

There were some surfers around when I took this but they were all heading in as the tide was coming in. Mind you, I didn’t mind as the blur of the turning tide was pretty effective. You can also see the Belt of Venus in this shot. The Belt of What I hear you say? Well, you’ve all seen it and may interpret it differently; it’s the area just above the horizon that darkens or goes a pinky hue when the sky above is blue. The blue area above you is reflecting normal sunlight, however, the sky in the Belt reflects light from the setting sun appearing more pink. It takes a while to fade out, so next time there’s a clear sunset, take a peek out of a window and there it will be.

The lesson on atmospherics for today ends! Finally, as a nod to St Valentines day, I also post a picture of a very forlorn rose I saw in Rome on my last holiday, at least it had been put in a cup though, poor thing. Hope you have a good time and receive at least one card each!

So close to the tap, yet so far away

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Manorbier Castle

Manorbier Castle, should've used my polariser!

Less about the weather now…it’s cold and grey here at the moment anyhow…so I thought I’d post a couple of summer photos I took when visiting some local landmarks with my girlfriend, ever patient that she is.

There are a number of castles dotted around the county, apparently 51 in total (inclusive of some ruins and forts that you’d walk by without noticing I dare say) but this one is Manorbier Castle taken last summer. A lovely position right by a beach probably accounts for most visitors but it is annoying for those of us who live in the county, that you can only visit in Summer when families abound and parking doesn’t. However, this was one of the more pleasant we’ve been to mainly due to the gorgeous sympathetic planting inside the walls. Not sure if this was a recent addition but fantastic nonetheless. Enjoy the pictures, if you fancy knowing more, please go to

However, if you want to be visiting all 51, the list and details can be found at the following address…  …. and I wish you the very best of luck!

Inside the Walls with a lovely lawn and plants everywhere

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Industrial beauty

Sunset over the refinery, sporting its own cloud as the air cools

Now I’m sure that opinions differ greatly on this subject, but there is a kind of strange (per chance surreal) beauty about an evening falling over an industrial landscape. In this instance, the place is Milford Haven (viewed through my telephoto in the second shot) from the corner just down from my girlfriends flat.

Milford Haven at night. Come on, it is pretty!

Yes, it belches smoke at times. Yes, it creates its own clouds on occasion, but there is something that makes it look not bad at all and, twinkling away at night, it looks really pretty. You may all disagree, but I will still see it that way. I’ll let you decide by viewing the images.

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Found it!

Ice halo and sundog...I was just lucky with the contrail

I knew I had that picture of the ice halo and found it after trawling both my memory and my hard drive. Whilst many people have been experiencing moon ice halos (see for pictures, but you’ll need to scroll down), I have yet to see one of those, so this will have to do and it’s been way to cloudy and wet where I live of late. Personally, I think this may even be a touch rarer, as wouldn’t the air during daylight hours be warmer so reducing the chance of an ice halo at all? Not sure. At the left (at around 9 o’clock) you may spot that there’s a little sundog too, I believe, so two for the price of one.

Apologies for the spots of dust, I couldn’t adjust the image to get rid of them without changing it entirely, so try to ignore them! Back shortly with a more artistic picture, as this one’s a bit plain.

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A touch more night photography

Now I was sure, following the post of the ice pillar, that I had a pictre of an ice halo around the sun too. Do you think that I can find it? I ended up asking myself why I don’t label these pictures when I put them on, but it’d take ages, seeing there are a good 1000 pictures every time I clear a card off.

At the mouth of Neyland Marina on a misty night

So, in lieu of this, a quick picture of a misty night in Neyland with some lovely smoothed lines due to the long exposure. This view is across the Cleddau Estuary towards Pembroke Dock. The lonely fishing boat gives a clue as to the history of the area, but alas, this is one of the very few left which seems mainly to fish for shellfish (crabs, lobsters and such) on a small scale for local restaurants….pardon the slight pun. Also, the area was made famous due to some industrial works that were instigated by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. There are information boards around the marina now and track left on the quayside that was used by little haulage trains but now its all pleasurecraft, although none of them ever seem to move very far.

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