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Further Winter wetness (Part 1)

Hello All

Firstly, had an email a few days back from a lady in Germany asking for a high resolution copy of one of my pictures. Pretty cool…I have gone international. It was an image of Newgale I had taken some months ago and, so it seems, she had stayed in a house that you could see in the picture and wanted to get it printed up in a poster and hang it on her wall as a souvenir. Pretty cool huh? I have asked her to take a snap of the picture “in situ” when it’s printed so I can be satisfied it’s in a good home! See, it’s that easy. Is there a piccy you like on here? Ask for a copy, don’t be shy!

Anyway, on to this post. I’m sat here with a banging headache after another busy day at work (75% sickness) and it’s pouring with rain outside. So, this is Summer. Hmm. Seems, according to the Met Office that this will continue for the next few days, but who knows, we may have a bit of helpful wind that pushes it over London or something. They have been complaining it’s too hot lately…

On the damp theme, seems I took quite a few trips out during the wet winter I spoke of and this post covers my favourite waterfall and a trip to another waterfall that was turned into….well, not a waterfall. You’ll see. Anyhow, off I trotted up to Newport after these windy days, not really taking into account the previous conditions, bar wearing my wellies. Good thing too, I put a foot wrong on the first stile and went into liquid mud, just below the top of one boot! However, along from there on the main path, things got a little…tricky

The forest near Aberfforest after a battering

The forest near Aberfforest after a battering

As you can see, fresh snapped trees. Looks like someone had done some rudimentary clearing with a chainsaw too, thank goodness, but I was still having to steps over broken branches and dodge fallen ivy. As I got to the main part of the falls, I even had to climb over a fallen tree and then limbo under another…not amusing carrying a camera bag and tripod. Mind you, the water shooting along the river bed made for a lovely smooth slow shutter picture….

The air was so still, it made for a lovely smooth picture

The air was so still, it made for a lovely smooth picture

The waterfall itself was a lovely one as well. I have seen the falls in various states over the years, from a trickle in the Summer to a raging Amazonian torrent full of mud in the Winter. On a scale of 1 to 10 for size on this occasion, I’d give this an 8. Mind you, notice the mini falls off the the left? Never seen that before, there must have been LOADS of water for a period and that was the point of least resistance…

Water, water, everywhere!

Water, water, everywhere!

Further down, much the same story. Once again, the stepping stones had been washed out, apart from 2 that looked a bit iffy, so I crossed further up where it was more shallow. As you can see from the foreground and off to the right, more fallen ivy and branches freshly cut.

If they weren't inanimate, I'd feel sorry for those stepping stones!

If they weren’t inanimate, I’d feel sorry for those stepping stones!

Onto a completely new place now, Cenarth. I have been here and posted the odd blog from there as it’s a very picturesque wide falls. The village is also home to the Welsh Coracle Centre; a coracle is a round raft that was used as a form of transport by fisherman in Wales some time ago. Well, suffice to say, the centre wasn’t getting the coracle out today! If you bear in mind that the flat area to the left is a car park usual 10 or so feet higher that the water, you may have an idea how much wet stuff was flying about…

I'm sure I parked my car here.....

I’m sure I parked my car here…..

To try to give an impression of the amount of water, I took just a simple automatic image across to the Coracle Centre. This is usually low and calm enough to set a raft made from wood and leather on…hmmmm

Coracle ride anyone? No?

Coracle ride anyone? No?

This image is pointing up stream. Just a fast river? Well, yes, but that area on the left is actually the main footpath! I considered that ropes and waders would be ideal for this route for the time I was there…

I was on a platform above the water taking this, don't worry...

I was on a platform above the water taking this, don’t worry…

A teeny bit downstream now, this image was taken from the very wet car park. I must admit to have a wry smile on my face though, as this area is own privately by a local gent who charges (way too much) for a space there and you could see him, very boot faced, watching all of his gravel being washed away! I dare say he hasn’t replaced or repaired any of it but charges the same. Anyway, this is of the picnic area…the rocks aren’t usually surrounded by water and it’s possible to sit on them and have a sarnie. Not today!

The power of water can be quite sobering...

The power of water can be quite sobering…

The amount of water coming downstream into the village even made some local residents get their spades out to protect their property, here you can see a rudimentary dam..

“Dam” that river, it’s a real pain.

Well, there’s part 1. Yes, there will be a part 2. If I can find the relevant news story on the BBC, I will post a link to it on the next blog, as I will be posting the flooding of Newgale, where the sea wall was breached and a bus was washed off the road! Great excitement. Stay tuned…

Thanks for dropping in and remember, like a picture? Post a comment, I reply to every one and it doesn’t cost you a penny! Bargain. See you soon.

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Returning…with past Winter wetness


Firstly, a very big thanks to those who have stuck with this site and have returned on occasion to drop in and view my pages. I very much appreciate. Essentially, I find myself here again after being brow beaten by a certain girlfriend who says I should try to advertise my talent. No, not really but she did persuade me to come back on here after seeing some pictures I took recently in Manchester on a weekend away.

I kind of agree and the blogs I haven’t posted have put me a little behind my usual 12 months behind, so you will excuse the Christmas themed image nearer the end! But it does have a cute animal in it…

Anyway, I shan’t pitter patter on but lunge straight into the meat of the blog. This update and those after it for a few weeks (yes, I plan to continue) consists of some images that I took during the winter of 2013/14 when we had pretty much 6 straight weeks of rain in this area of the world. If you had a leaky shoes, by the time the rain was done, you were wishing you had stilts as it was thoroughly miserable for all…driving, walking, riding, working…everything was a bind.

This first blog is based around some time at the very beginning of this period and has me taking pictures of a couple of my fave things. In this first instance, a lovely jumbly storm coming towards the house….

A forming storm hits its upper limit and starts to spread out, with a touch of mammatus

A forming storm hits its upper limit and starts to spread out, with a touch of mammatus

What do storms make? Rain! Yes, indeed…little did I know there was going to be a ton of it in the next few weeks. But, close to me is the little hamlet of Port Lion (I say hamlet, there are 2 houses…yes, 2) and there’s that lovely stream on there I have featured here before. A quick shower and this gets a significant amount of run off from the local fields so off I trotted…

That oak leaf was there by chance, honest!

That oak leaf was there by chance, honest!

The rain and the time of year had conspired to make things a bit messy but I think that the leaves, sticks and like add to the images quite well. I went for a walk down there recently to show Sarah the local haunts and I shocked to see that over last Winter the high winds here had not treated the wood well and absent minded locals, who didn’t want to take the broken trees away for disposal, had blocked the stream and scattered the who areas with dead foliage. I suspect this site might come off the lists for taking pictures for a bit.

The slow shutter speed and bubbles made a nice white "road" of water here

The slow shutter speed and bubbles made a nice white “road” of water here

The storms kept coming, small ones though. Always they were well highlighted with blue sky or sun and you could see the structures of occasional mammatus clouds or virga in them….

Another squall heads in.....

Another squall heads in…..

This one is a doozy…look at it! If you were even a commercial airliner pilot, one look at this brute is a bit alarming. Never underestimate Mother Nature is the rule. On occasion, these storms chucked a bit of hail at us as well. Nothing anywhere near US standards but it sounded bad enough! In fact one image I took of similar hail was included in the recent Weathernet calendar….

Yikes! Where's that bus shelter again?

Yikes! Where’s that bus shelter again?

Now on to more cute and furry things…Mischief! Yes, he is still mischievous. Here he is guarding the Christmas presents the other year. For some reason, he has a thing about the Christmas tree box (it’s an artificial tree which is partially decorated). This thing involves him spending an inordinate amount of time staking it out as he is too portly to climb it, as well as always climbing on the box to ride up and down the stairs to the cupboard where it is stored. This happens without fail. If he is nearby all you need to is tap the box and he’s there, riding along. Strange animal…

"You shall not pass..."

“You shall not pass…”

Whilst sheltering inside from these sharp showers we were getting that would eventually just become long expanses of persistent rain, there was the occasional glimmer of sunshine that created a lovely natural wonder….

Everyone loves a rainbow

Everyone loves a rainbow

However, around the corner there was always more! Some nice anvils and virga in the distance in this shot I thought. Judging by the position of the sun, this was before I went to work one morning…

A dramatic morning of squalls again, it seems. Where are my boots?

A dramatic morning of squalls again, it seems. Where are my boots?

Well, there we are. My return to the blog writing arena. Maybe as well as my ramblings about the pictures, there might be ramblings in general about politics and current affairs? Probably not…some things are best left in my head!

Thanks for dropping in…keep this frequency clear, more to come.

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Has it been a month or more?!

Good Lord.

I didn’t realise that I had left the blog alone for so long, I hope none of you set you calendars or anything by me 🙂 Anyway, hello there, welcome to British Summer Time and the longer days (the main reason I haven’t posted any pictures on here to be honest). I have now passed the 400 mile mark on my new super dooper Boardman hybrid bicycle and with 1000 on my last before I sold it, the total is racking up quite nicely. I recently got it serviced and fettled with at a local business, Enterprise Cycles in Neyland. Should anyone be local and looking for a good bike shop, your quest is at an end. Best place around. Just Google it, I’d pop a link in but the site is under construction….

On to the pictures for this entry anyhow. Last month I promised some pretty awesome cirrus clouds that I was going to post that I saw over my house recently, well, here you are. What’s that? Groaning because of more clouds? How very dare you! Clouds are important and, as you can see below, they sometimes look pretty awesome….

The threads of this cirrus caught the light juuuuust riiiiiight.....

The threads of this cirrus caught the light juuuuust riiiiiight…..

One estimate of the volume of water in the atmosphere at any one time is about 3,100 cubic miles/14.2 billion tons of water…that’s quite a lot. Just think if all that was on the ground and not in the sky? I think a fair few of us would paddling as it’s enough to deposit 30 mm of water everywhere on the planet at once and some places are already pretty wet!

As well as holding water, they provide shelter, little places for bacteria or insects to shelter and travel as well as this important role in the water cycle. Obviously, the ones pictured here are slightly less heavy than your normal storm cloud or anything, but I feel they are no less spectacular.

Same view but with a guest appearance from nearby vegetation

Same view but with a guest appearance from nearby vegetation

One clue that those in the know can take from these cirrus clouds or “mares tails” is that there is a change in the weather coming. Usually it means it’s going to get wet. I took these images at sunset, so it was due overnight I thought. I particularly liked this last picture as there was an imprint of a shadow from a passing contrail that made a nice shadow as the sun set….

Now that the sun was disappearing, a passing contrail became apparent, creating a nice diagonal line across my view

Now that the sun was disappearing, a passing contrail became apparent, creating a nice diagonal line across my view

I got my timing well out for the arrival of the bad weather but, arrive it did. See, these old wives tales do work. Along trundled a nice little storm cloud with an anvil like lip containing a few mammatus clouds on the leading edge…not the best mammatus I have seen or posted here but still, they were there…

This is the weather the next morning, I didn't edit things to fit, honestly!

This is the weather the next morning, I didn’t edit things to fit, honestly!

Seeing it had got wet, I decided I would go for a quick walk down toward Port Lion and follow the stream there to get some nice moving water shots, seeing I hadn’t tried that for a while. Surprisingly little water in the stream this time, which is why the blurring looks a little blocky as there were quite a few bubbles to contend with, but the colours from dead leaves and the ferns offset things nicely I thought…although more liberal use of a polariser would have been better here.

A smooth stream on the way down to Port Lion and the Cleddau

A smooth stream on the way down to Port Lion and the Cleddau

As I went down the lane, I noticed that the rain earlier had knocked loads of seeds off the larch tree lining the sides, made an interesting colour effect so I had to take a quick snap away from the water..

Port Lion Woods minus a fair amount of Larch seeds.....

Port Lion Woods minus a fair amount of Larch seeds…..

But, back to the water, the air was very still so I was able to take a long exposure of this little tumble with a fern around it which didn’t move an inch whilst I was doing it, good fern. Usually I cheat a little and move things aside to suit what I want. Oooh, did I say that out loud?!

I like the way the bubbles made a pattern in this image, can't get enough of stuff like this

I like the way the bubbles made a pattern in this image, can’t get enough of stuff like this

Well, short and sweet this time however, there are more stormy skies and moving water pictures to come, plus Mischief the cat will be making a cameo appearance at some point I see as he had posed for the odd snap, or rather, he was asleep in a cute position…

As ever, appreciate you dropping in. Remember, feel free to suggest anything you want pictures of on here, don’t be afraid to ask! Until next time, enjoy the longer days!

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