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What is this, some kinda holiday?!

Hello y’all

Yes, I’m not dead. Cancel the search parties and like. I am here!

Usual thing, apologies for not being on here of late but of recently, I have been a little busy and, I must be honest, this has slipped to the bottom of the pile on a few occasions! With the warmer weather, I have been on my bike and spending time out and about in Wales and recently I took a trip to Manchester. If anyone is thinking of going, I recommend it…maybe not the hotel I stayed in (but that’s another story) but overall, it was a nice weekend. also, I am seeing a lady locally so spending time with her sits above time on the PC!

I have taken a few pictures on my travels, they are from my phone, so you will excuse the quality but bear with me…firstly is a charming little bay that I found with Sarah, near St Davids. A stones throw from the road but I never even knew it was there!

A hidden bay near St Davids, Pembs

A hidden bay near St Davids, Pembs

Secondly, a couple of pictures I took in Manchester. I can’t say enough in the way of good things about the Metro they have there, apart from the fact they are expanding it and the place looks like a building site at the minute, this was the view from the Deansgate-Castlefield stop bridge, down on the canals. Really worth wandering around there for the pubs and the Comedy Club. Excellent value for money…

Across the Deansgate Castlefield metro stop towards the Hilton

Across the Deansgate Castlefield metro stop towards the Hilton

Talking of value for money, a meal from an Ethiopian restaurant on Sackville Street in the city centre. Filling, spicy and delicious all at the same time! If you are ever in the area, go. That’s an order! Just ask for a taster, they know what to do. The plate is actually fermented bread and there are no pieces of cutlery 🙂

Mmmm.....curry. Er, waiter. A fork?!

Mmmm…..curry. Er, waiter. A fork?!

Well, I have a barbecue to clean, looks although the weather will hold decent for the weekend, so I have decided I will give the grill an outing. Wish me luck!

If anyone wants me to explain the mechanics of a storm cell (which is the next set of pictures I seem to have looking in my archive), please let me know in the comments, I shall pop back on when my rides are rained off to do it.

In the meantime, thanks to those whose minds I’ve crossed, hope to see you again shortly;y!

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