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Off on holiday to wander…following Coasteering

Hello you lot.

Just a quick post this time as I am away to Abergavenny to a little cottage for week starting tomorrow. I have been quite busy this morning and still have a few housekeeping type things to do as well as just having submitted my last few images to WeatherNet in the vain hope I may win a little money. We shall see. If you wish I may post some of the images soon….let me know.

Whilst I am here, I also said that I would give a holler to the fantastic folks at Celtic Quest Coasteering. Yes, this is not the best place to advertise such a thing as I don’t have many visitors but even a few hits on their webpage would be great…you can find it at

I went out on Wednesday with them and had a great, although mainly turbulent, time. At some points it was like being in a very salty, cold, foamy washing machine. This is what it’s about though, so we had fun (a group of 4 of us) and I stretched muscles never knew I had, as well as relieving myself of a chunk of finger. Apparently, it served me right for trying to hold on to a rock. Pfffft. We had a close encounter with a young seal too, which was wonderful and he was so close we could have touched him, the inquisitive little chap. Once I get the pics, I will post a few..they are on the way to me on a USB so will be a short time yet.

Anyway, to more mundane things, here’s my picture for the week. Just a local sunset this time but slightly unusual in the relection of light upwards on the clouds creating a very pretty dappled effect. I hope you enjoy it.

A lovely orangey mackerel sky over Hill Mountain

Oh yes, I nearly forgot; an extra mention to a colleague of mine at work who splashed out on five of my pictures lately, many thanks for this.

For those who know of some people who may want prints of the themed pictures featured here, the charges are very reasonable and I don’t add a huge premium, honest. If you want an image, leave a comment and an email address/telephone and I can arrange things…don’t be scared!

Speak to you in a week or so on my return from Abergavenny.

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A Birthday record!

Hello All!

Firstly, a big thank you to all those who have “kept their foot in” and continued to follow the blog. This contributed to my largest ever number of visits on the day of my birthday. Yay! 26! This is a trifling number compared to most sites but it’s a plus for me so, thanks.

Just quickly writing this post before I head out for some impromptu sailing training down at the local marina. I could return wet so I have a change of clothes packed and ready. As my father will testify, where there is water, I usually tended to end up as a child.

I shall continue on posting the images I have saved and this week it’s going to be some pictures I took near Aberaeron following a storm and also some of the nasty looking clouds we had around here at around the same time. Again, I think one or both of these have been submitted to the weather photo comp.

Poor boat, found the only hard thing to get washed up on!

The next picture is of the weather we got nearer me, as you may know I like my clouds and here is a good one from the evening at around sunset.

Hmm, looks like the edge of a front to me. Nice!

That’s it from me for a bit…I know have to go and fall into the Irish Sea. I shall let you know what happens!

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No controversial photos here, I’m afraid

What with a member of the royal family forgetting that any move she makes is going to be photographed from now on, I imagine my viewing figures will be somewhat lower for this post. How modest of me.

Catching up through the recent pictures on my PC and moving away from holidays with ex-partners, here’s a couple more, extolling the virtues of my new home county. Alas, this weekend there is the mother of all athletic races here, so I shan’t be out taking any more images like this for a short time as the roads are all closed. However, I have a large archive. Firstly, there’s the coast just outside the small village of Marloes. Often described as one of the best family beaches in Pembrokeshire, this is why I tend to avoid it as during the Summer it can be very busy; this view is the other side of the peninsula.

Pembrokeshire Coast Path near Marloes

The next is one of my famous sunset/weather images. Anyone still reading this might be interested to know that I have submitted a number of images like this to a website (WeatherNet) competition that may be used to help construct a calendar. Sweet. Not a huge prize (about £20 I recall….and a free calendar) but it would boost a bit of confidence if nothing else. I’ll keep you informed.

This sunset got better and images are currently waiting for submission to a competition….

I’m waiting for someone at the moment then I’m off for a swim up in the north of the county. She’s taking part in this race and has to register of something so….not sure if I shall get there too soon. Keep tuning in, more to come.

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Back for more, eh?

Hello again, web friends! Yes, I have now got a little more time on my hands, so I shall be popping out taking pictures a bit more than I used too and hopefully that should reflect on the blog. It won’t be regular I’m sure but there won’t be a month gap this time.

I’ve tried to go back to kind of where I left off with the more recent posts. This was a break I took in Narberth some time back now. If anyone wants to know where I went, the website is; not a million miles away from home but I decided to go to check out the local hype. Very nice too, this was a good idea. A lovely spa, pool, beautiful setting and some great walks around the site.

The first picture is of one of these walks, to a house ruin only a short distance from the top of the site and hidden in the woods. For a while I thought I was on the wrong track, then boom! There it was, overgrown and imposing.

The ruin of a house in the woods near Bluestone, Narberth. Can I remember the name? No, sorry!

The second picture is one of my specialities….clouds. Now this is bugbear with colleagues at work and was with her too but I like them and taking pictures of them, so what? Look at some advertising for holidays and the like sometime, skies play a part in painting the picture, so why the heck not? I particularly liked this one with the lodges in the foreground.

Lodges at Bluestone with a lovely Cirrus cloud blanket above

That’ all for now. More soon though, I promise! Tell your friends to subscribe, it’ll give me more hits and I will be spurred into action more readily 🙂



It’s been a while since I posted on here I’m afraid. What with work and the longer evenings I’ve wanted to be out either walking or riding more than I’ve wanted to be stuck in front of a PC again!

However, now things will hopefully bit a bit less hectic I should be able to get around to a few posts now and again. Keep this frequency clear!

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