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So, Christmas is done for 2011

There we have it, back to work today for me. Most everyone else is still off, as I had the quietest journey from my girlfriends flat I think I have ever had, but I didn’t speed, Officer.

It’s still raining on and off. I’ve braved the only dry day of late and went into the hills to try being creative with a dam I know of but thats’ about it lately. I’m taxi driver come New Years so I might see if I can come up with a trip out to timelapse, if it’s dry.

Mind you, the winter does give the odd awesome sunset. This one was from last year I admit, but I still think it’s up there in my favourites due to the myriad of hues which are all completely as I saw them.

Awesome winter sunset hues

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Rain, rain!

Seeing the weather doesn’t seem to want to do anything apart from rain of late, I’ll continue with a watery theme! I was out today in the hope that the quiet roads and fancy new sat-nav from my beloved may treat me to a little broken cloud and some nice light. I ended up in Solva where the wind was almost gale force! Oh well, snapped a few decent images which will come along soon.

In the meantime, some water for you…

Brook near Port Lion

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A county of castles

Not a whole heap going on at work today, most people are leaving tomorrow to take an extended week holiday with the public holidays adding to their time, so it’s very quiet. The hardcore amongst us soldier on but with the windows open as it is unseasonably warm of late. In my mind, this probably means that the start of next year will be bitter!

Anyway, I digress, so another picture from my last summers wandering, Manorbier Castle. A lovely spot with a beach a stones throw from this actual spot.

Manorbier Castle

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Storms over Pembrokeshire

Rain and cold here at the moment so not much in the way of opportunities. I was looking at a few weather blogs (see my links to the right) the other day and, whilst this picture is nowhere near the talent those guys have, it has a certain power to it being at sunset. I remember, as I retreated thinking I was going to get damp, I could hear the rain advancing through the field behind me. Quite spooky really.

I think I have a few daylight storms and interesting clouds I can post too, but the weather here is nowhere near the plains in the US so, prepare to be disappointed by them if you seek a tornado!

A summer storm I couldn't miss trying to capture

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My secret waterfall

Had a good party and I’m now recovered as much as possible. I mentioned the blog and had a few compliments for the picture I have posted below. Recently, I gave my boss a CD containing 50 or so images I like and hoped he’d use a few to brighten the dingy walls of or office; seem that during the Christmas quiet period this one is going to be enlarged and put up as a focal point. My first foray into to being published of sorts!

Hope you enjoy it too. If you want to know where it is, tough, I’m not telling!

My favourite waterfall, at approx half usual flow of late

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A famous local landmark

Over time, as I build the blog up, people will not a theme of weather, skyscapes and landscapes posted. I love taking cloudscapes/sunsets, uncluttered landscapes and similar, so the Pembrokeshire National Park is ideal for me to do this. I enjoy taking such images and if you enjoy looking, feel free to comment or ask for a copy even.

Below is Carew Tidemill and Castle, given a touch of age with a black and white filter. Hopefully pictures like this will improve when I get my new camera after Christmas. Aiming for a D3100 if I can.

I’ll post another picture shortly, but it’s the work Christmas party tomorrow, so I’m otherwise enaged for a while!

Carew Castle

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Something to brighten winter…

Thought I’d try a quick picture post just before I hit the road taking some family out for a meal. It’s been a horrible day where I am, so I delved into the hard drive and found a nice sunset to raise a smile I hope. Enjoy.

Pink sunset over Lions Head, Broadhaven

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Hello World!

Well, here it is, I hope it looks okay. Thanks to those lovely people at WordPress I now have my first blog. Don’t expect anything too flashy as it’s a learning process but any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Once I’m more sure, I’ll post a few pictures from near where I live. Maybe some chit chat too. Possibly less of that though.

Thanks for dropping in!

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