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A step back to Summer storminess and some cloud phenomena

Hello All,

Apologies for the break here, the main reason has been that the weather has been pretty good of late so I have usually be out on my bike or wandering getting new material for the blog to file in my archive for later use. The weather has broken after an extended period of good warm sun….typically as the British we moaned as it was too hot about a day into it. Now it’s raining, people are moaning about that. Sigh.

Talking of the photography archive, I have decided that upon a scoot through, I would post some images from the summer storms and rain we had last year as there are a few phenomena to make you aware of.

One day there will be a pub quiz asking about this stuff and you’ll be glad, trust me.

First off, is the first clear occurrence I have seen of a pileus cloud. Usually spotted over mountains and such, this was over a very tall cumulus cloud as the showers sprung up around me. This is also called a “scarf cloud or a “cap cloud” by those who can’t handle a small latin word :p

Mr Wikipedia states that “a pileus found atop a cumulus cloud often foreshadows transformation into a cumulonimbus cloud, as it indicates a strong updraft within the cloud; Pilei clouds indicate that the parent cloud is growing rapidly, has plenty of moisture, and is highly unstable” so I am not making the storms up or over dramatising the weather in these posts. Weather don’t lie!

See? Pileus, here as a cap on the big white sunlit cumulus

See? Pileus, here as a cap on the big white sunlit cumulus

The next couple of images show virga. Arguably, this is linked to the previous phenomena, as these little cells that collapse and evaporate are trying to be big clouds. Bless their hearts! Basically, it is “an observable shaft of precipitation that evaporates before it hits the ground”.

A cloud cell collapsing and turning to virga....

A cloud cell collapsing and turning to virga….

In connection to my previous comment about the small clouds trying to eat their greens and become big boy clouds, I am right as the science bit says “Virga also has a role in seeding storms whereby small particles from one cloud are blown into neighbouring supersaturated air and act as nucleation particles for the next thunderhead cloud to begin forming”…so I wasn’t making it up. However, sadly on this occasion, none of that happened 😦

Smaller virga above my head

Smaller virga above my head

This is where my science head runs out. A rainbow in the middle of a cloud?! Crazy stuff! I think in all honesty it is more virga but the sun was very low and at just the right angle to catch the light through the water droplets here. It was very short-lived but pretty.

The newly named "cloudus-withus-a-rainbow-in"

The newly named “cloudus-withus-a-rainbow-in it…us”

Once all this had cleared came the edge of a front or “whales mouth”. Don’t ask me why it’s called that but again, the colours were pretty striking so a boring cloud was made a little less boring with a little red on it. However, whilst this was happening, behind me the sky was completely different!

The "whales mouth" of a front coming towards where I was standing with the setting sun turning it a nice colour

The “whale’s mouth” of a front coming towards where I was standing with the setting sun turning it a nice colour

Confused? I was, as this sky and the two or three clouds that made it up were worlds apart from the type I had just been looking at. Remember, as per the usual posts I make on here, this is all in (roughly) the same place on the same day. How things change!

Thin, high and wispy clouds to the west very different to what was approaching the other way

Thin, high and wispy clouds to the west very different to what was approaching the other way

I’m sorry for all the cloud pictures. I should really branch out into other areas, but I looove weather. Alas there are a few more files of this ilk (sky phenomena) to come but then I am going to educate all of you on Belgium as I will be entering the folder containing last years holiday snaps. Don’t sneer, Belgium may be deemed boring and they do put mayonnaise  on their chips (which is just weird) but the place is oozing culture and history, you’ll see!

Thanks for dropping in and I appreciate the comments sent to me of late. Please keep them coming. All the best until next time.

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Sunny scenes at the seaside

Hello All…or should I say “is anyone out there?”!

Seems the poll I posted recently fell on stony ground so I might have to consider whether I should continue to post and maybe just pop my photos into the odd competition as I do anyhow. I had processed these pictures anyway so I shall post this entry and see how may visitors I get in the next week or so. Come on guys and gals!

This set was from a few trips back when I go for a trip along the coast. Some of you may know that I do a bit of sailing with a couple of friends out of Neyland marina during the Summer (as it is of late) and in the Winter (quite why I don’t know). My skipper won’t dare go under the road bridge just outside the marina as he says the winds and tide are way too risky. Didn’t stop this guy……

Heading into troubled waters....

Heading into troubled waters….

Taken from the same vantage point (about 120 feet up) a view towards Pembroke Dock yacht club and the plethora of yachts and varied craft moored in the little bay just along the way. I like this picture because you can clearly see the tide running against all the ropes and it made for a good effect I thought.

Moored craft outside Pembroke Dock at sunset

Moored craft outside Pembroke Dock at sunset

Now we head North to take some pictures from Goodwick. This is the harbour arm where, off to the left and out of view, the Stena ferry berths and heads off to Ireland every afternoon. In the future there are plans to make this enclosure which is pretty empty now, into a very fancy marina to attract visitors from Ireland and further afield. I did once see a boat from Canada moored in Neyland as we left on a jolly…now that’s a journey I’d shy away from!

The view from Goodwick towards North Pembrokshire

The view from Goodwick towards North Pembrokeshire

Rust. Universally hated the world over if you own a car or any type of machinery (in this case, the bottom of the lighthouse). Kept at bay by oodles of WD40 if you are lucky but eventually the car gets to the stage where it has to be ground out to pass its road-worthiness test! However, I don’t think for a moment that it would get anywhere near as bad as this. Whilst it is a scourge, I thought it looked quite pretty…colourful to the extreme.

I think we are going to need a bigger wire brush...

I think we are going to need a bigger wire brush…

A portrait view of the previous portion of rustiness. Judging by the fist size holes in the metal further down there’s a bit of work to do here. However, having seen the winter storms that this area takes the brunt of, I am not surprised it looks a teeny bit shabby. After all, why would you spend months repairing it when there is another storm a few weeks away?

A very colourful repair job!

A very colourful repair job!

Yes, I’m sorry. A sunset. This one was taken from the bridge in Neyland at the same time as the images further up. I don’t often include coastal scenes so it is a little out of the ordinary, honest. As you can see, this looks towards the refinery that is still going after all the news stories that it was being closed/sold/dismantled and such. In addition there are a number of wind turbines that have popped up in the foreground since I took this picture….a nod towards a greener refinery per chance?

Sunset over Neyland....time to ride home!

Sunset over Neyland….time to ride home!

Well, that is the lot for this post. Please, please keep visiting. I like showing you the local area (although you get a slightly limited and bias view!). If anything, the poll has made me realise I should make decisions like that myself!

Thanks for your visit, see you soon.

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I need a third party opinion


It’s been a few weeks since I have popped on so my apologies for that; this has been through a mix of holidays, family and the need to get out of the house into the garden as the weather is good! I shall be fishing some pictures out of my archive tonight, so tune back soon.

However, in the meantime, I have a question to ask. My father seems to believe that my pictures are good enough for a competition, the Landscape Photographer of the Year, which you can find at this address…

What I want to know is, what do you think? Have a look through the sections (I think I am a Classic View kinda person) and to get an opinion, I have attempted to construct a poll, which I hope works properly, and would be very grateful if you could give me an idea if I should spend the £10 to £25 to send images to the judges. Your votes would be very much appreciated.

I shall leave you to it and get back to finding the next pictures! Thanks in advance.


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