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Popping in again….

Apologies. For the excuse, please read my previous post. Not entirely what is happening in my office, but it’s not good and it probably not going to get any better so this is the time window that I am left with.

A vivid sunset from one of my fave spots

Just about to pop out the door for some fresh air as well and though I’d post a couple of pictures. One of sunset interest, one of a weather interest. If anyone has visited the Cloud appreciation Society website you may recognise the latter.

This one, if anyone does it, is worth a look up…..glaciating cirrus….ort as the Cloud Appreciation Society call them….jellyfish. Pretty cool huh? You can see where they’re coming from can’t you?

Glaciating cirrus

That’s all for now, still exploring the new camera but not enough to post as yet as the weather has been pretty awful round here. In fact, you should look up on the news sites about floods in Aberystwyth. Not a million miles away from me, but thankfully we live on a hill!!

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