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Some pictures for a change

I did promise some pictures, so here I am with a few.

Although the weather has perked up a considerable amount and the temperature has reached the dizzy heights of 10C (there is technically a drought here too), there still haven’t been many trips out as I’m working when the nice weather is about. No great cirrus cloud at sunset either, just a few nice colours now the days have lengthened, so there are a few new images to come. This being the case, I’m afraid I have had to delve into the archives 🙂

However, same theme as before and hopefully I haven’t posted any of these records of saved images that I keep would appear to say that I haven’t. Firstly, going back a good few years, New Years 2010 with my ex-girlfriend (who isn’t appearing in any images before you ask). We decided to go away and spent the evening or at least the weekend in gay Paris. The Eiffel Tower looked pretty cool that night..

Can you imagine the electricity that takes...let alone the wiring!

Can you imagine the electricity that takes…let alone the wiring!

Now back to my favourite type of images. Sunsets! Well, one of my favourite types..I haven’t yet found a waterfall I can take a picture of at sunset! Ironically and I didn’t realise this until I posted it, this was taken from the ex-girlfriends flat. Fancy that. One of the best I have in my file of sunsets though, I can tell you. No changes on this one at all apart from a change in shutter speed to darken the pinks & yellows.

Again with the industrial beauty card I'm afraid but come one, it's pretty good

Again with the industrial beauty card I’m afraid but come one, it’s pretty good

Next, a good old beach wander. I was trying to date this in my head, but all I can do is say that it wasn’t taken in the holiday season as there are no people on the sand or rockpooling which is the main use of this beach once it becomes “less cold” as the local weather reports call it. Mind you, I agree, it is pretty awesome to explore and some of the rockpools are more like swimming pools, but I don’t get to “magpie” pretty shells or stones like I do on my North Pembrokeshire beaches.

Feel tempted for a swim? I wouldn’t. There is a set of currents off the shore which is nick-named “The Bitches” (the name suggests that these are baaaaaad) and even pretty large boats that ferry people to the nearby island won’t go near them..

Marloes beach with no-one on it. A rare site indeed

Marloes beach with no-one on it. A rare site indeed

Finally, a good hazy sunset. Typically, I have taken pictures of the clouds and ignored any foreground silhouettes, so I’m afraid I have no idea where this is, although I can tell you one thing, the foreground was obviously crap, otherwise I would have put it in, I’m picky like that 🙂

A nice layered hazy sunset. More of these in the next few weeks please!

A nice layered hazy sunset. More of these in the next few weeks please!

That’s the lot for this week. I may be completely off topic with my post next week as I’m getting a new car which I am super excited about as it’s my first “hot hatch” at nearly 200 hp. I am now officially a boy racer; hold on, can I be a boy in my 30’s? I guess so.

BUT, I am a responsible, safe and defensive driver….Officer. See you soon!

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