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Humpback Whale Awesomeness


I couldn’t wait to share this one, so you’ll forgive me for the short blog this time. Just come back from a trip over to south-west Ireland and I was fortunate enough to go on a whale watching trip just off the coast near a place called Union Hall.

I was on the trip with my girlfriend and her Aunt and Uncle, who were cynical about seeing anything at all after a few quiet trips but, in the end, we saw a pair of humpbacks and I took a sweeet video of one feeding. You can see the video on my YouTube channel by clicking here.

What a day, it was so exciting we were all exhausted by the afternoon when we got back; saw Seals, Dolphins, Porpoise and Tuna too. In my opinion, it was worth twice the amount we paid and please, if you visit, or know of anyone likely to, seek the gent out (his name is Colin Barnes) and give him your cash! His website is here.

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