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All stop for….the Tour of Pembrokeshire

Hello everyone,

I doubt very much that any of you wait for around the 20th of the month with bated breath for my posts, but just thought I’d post a quickie out for now apologising for the lack of a lengthy informative story, as it usually is just in case you do. Regular readers may realise why.

The main reason for this is the fact that I have just undertaken a 60 mile ride (62 miles, if truth be told) on the Tour of Pembrokeshire this year and am currently recovering. Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, I had a blooming good massage to cut down on aches and pains. I just haven’t had the opportunity to use the PC to raid the archives of late is all. But I am a bit tired. However, it was all in aid of a good cause, on a lovely day and in gorgeous scenery; below is an image of me full of pith and vinegar about to depart taken by my new biographical photographer (aka my Dad)….


Before anyone asks, images of me afterwards are not pretty so won’t be posted! As I said though, this was all in a good cause, namely MIND Pembrokeshire, Haverfordwest who myself and my partner managed to raise nearly £300 for and in return, I wore that rather snazzy top to publicise their excellent 24/7 service. MIND Pembrokeshire work tirelessly for a better life for everyone with direct or indirect experience of mental health problems and long may it continue.

Anyhow, thanks for dropping by, even though it was just a short one. Normal service to resume in the near future when I can reliably walk/sit for a prolonged period!





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More competition wins? Why, thank you!

As the above title would allude to, this post is veering somewhat off the recent topic as I had some recent news via email from those kind people at Weathernet.

As some of you who have followed this blog for a little while may know, I submit a number of weather related pictures ever year to this company to see if I can win £20 for them using an image on their calendar that they send to customers around the country (and maybe even THE WORLD…mwuhahaha). Anyway, I received an email the other day and I have again managed to make it into the calendar not once, but twice. As per usual, I wouldn’t have chosen the images they did but, hey, who am I to complain, £40 and a free copy of the calendar is pretty good for two pictures!

As I say, this post is off topic for those of late, but please find below the two images that they chose. Before anyone asks, I’m unsure if I am Mr October/November/December or whatever on the calendar, I shall have to wait until it arrives in the post. Firstly, a little spiders tent, covered in dew….

Luckily, to keep up appearances, the grass had been cut just days before!

Luckily, to keep up appearances, the grass had been cut just days before!

And lastly, a close up of some hailstones I took after a quick shower in the Autumn. I suspect it was the cousins of these little blighters that did for the bumper on my car last year too….

Nowhere near the size of the hail in the US, but still hard and noisy

Nowhere near the size of the hail in the US, but still hard and noisy

There we are, a competition winner again. I still don’t think I could win anything too much more technical than this though, if only for the fact that the “proper” landscape photographer needs a wide-angle lens and the cheapest I have seen is around £500! Second-hand. I know where to aim my talents and this is just fine by me.

Thanks for dropping in, see you soon.

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