A missed opportunity? Maybe not.

Hello everyone,

Well, winter is well and truly here now and with that, in West Wales at least, it means lots of rain and wind. However, it could be worse. I saw in the news today as well, that the first named storm of the season, Abigail, is heading for the north of Scotland and they are forecasting mountainous seas and swell with pretty gnarly winds. Be some pretty awesome footage coming out of there, I’m sure.

Talking of weather forecasting, I know what you are thinking after looking at my last post and viewing the best weather gadget in the world on Indiegogo (as I’m sure you all did); something along the lines of “Oh no, I missed the chance to back the awesome Temposcope…how remiss of me”.

Fear not! The fund closing date has been extended for a few more weeks, so you can pledge cash to a worthy toy! Go on, you know you want to.

Now the evenings are longer, there will be the time to post a few more images and fiddle with pictures, so expect another post soon, I’m editing as we speak.

Keep this frequency clear! Speak to you soon….



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