Storm silhouettes followed by a colourful dusk

Hello everyone,

I have been away for the past weekends so apologies for the late post but I did promise that there was a bit of colour arriving in this one and it will be later on. When I was reviewing this images I was picking I didn’t actually realise I had taken some stormy cloud images in the morning before going to work and then the sunset ones were the same evening, so they all slotted together nicely.

I know what a few of you are thinking…”oh my god, more clouds, does this guy ever do anything else?”. Truth be told I’d love to be a professional cameraman and photographer but seeing the options you appear to have in these areas of work are dangerous and/or don’t pay the bills, it’s a bit of a no brainer that I do this as a hobby. I try to get out to be artistic but time is limited for this and so the local area is my playground….it just happens that there was a lot of weather activity this particular week. I can see more storms in the next batch of pictures but after that I did take a trip into the Preseli Hills so I shall include those too. Thanks for sticking with it!

Anyway, onward to the pictures. A few images to start the day is the best way (I usually don’t eat breakfast as I like my bed too much). This morning had been after blustery night and a blooming huge storm was passing by in front of the sun…..

The kind of cloud any person looks at and say "it's going to rain any second"

The kind of cloud any person looks at and say “it’s going to rain any second”

However, my struggling to get the right settings on the camera didn’t work all that well and I’m afraid the silhouetting that I was picturing in my mind didn’t quite work. I didn’t get wet though as the rain seemed to be falling a few miles away as far as I could see….

The sun is behind there, honest

The sun is behind there, honest

Amazingly, almost 10 minutes of so from the first image, the skies began to clear and left this wonderful mix of high, medium and low cloud shooting around overhead. Lovely….

Minutes later and who would have known there was a storm there even?

Minutes later and who would have known there was a storm there even?

After the tap had been turned on umpteen days during the day when I was at work, even with a little hail if I recall correctly, the evening was a clear as crystal save for a few wisps of cirrus in the far distance (probably over Ireland). My trained eye could see that was going to be a good one but silly me didn’t look properly until late on, so, instead of my usual haunt, I was relegated to standing on top of a pile of grass cuttings in the back garden for this image!

Taking a picture whilst sinking....not ideal

Taking a picture whilst sinking….not ideal

I decided that the soft ground I was on wasn’t the best so I decided to move on by jumping over our back fence down into the field to get under those cursed telephone wires (thanks BT). Seems that was a good choice as the pinks and red got deep, so much so, I was really struggling with the low light as you can see!

Low light seems to be a weakness of mine in this set!

Low light seems to be a weakness of mine in this set!

I confess I had to crop this image a little as the noise really crept in around the edges…sorry. I shall tell myself off later!

The pinks are fading now leaving a lovely dark streak.....

The pinks are fading now leaving a lovely dark streak…..

As the finale, typically enough I had found the perfect setting to get that nice “cosmic paintbrush” effect I always talk about. If I was allowed to put the pictures up all over the walls of the house, this would be a “framer” I reckon, I really like it because it’s so smooth. Anyway, enough of me spouting about sunsets, I will lose your attention if I am not careful.

Not a bad finishing picture I think....where's that frame?

Not a bad finishing picture I think….where’s that frame?

Next time, I promise less clouds and more of other things OK? I did manage to get some nice pictures in the mountains so there should be some good project stuff coming your way…even a dragonfly I remember seeing.

Remember, if you fancy a copy, don’t cheat and download it even though I am happy for you do that; I am happy to send you the original by email in return for you “bigging me up” on your own blog or something. Fair exchange? Or even comment on any improvement you’d like me to make in taking them…all criticims gladly received.

Thanks for dropping in again and thanks to my followers which number near the half century at the moment. Much appreciated. Take care and see you in the near future for more Pembrokeshire pictures.


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