The breaking of the 2013 Summer drought (Part 2)

Hello again,

Due to be a busy weekend here for a number of reasons, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to finish off this post. It’s also raining too…well, a mix of mist and rain, so there seemed little point in venturing out at the moment. I even cleaned the fish tank this morning too. I think they were grateful but there were many panicked splashes from fish trying to escape the nets and such!

Anyway, on to the second part of this asperatus I promised you. By the time I had taken these images, things were well and truly cleared ( no evil eye shapes in the clouds as one comment I received said) but there were a few showers flying, which you can see here….

I will admit to a little change in the contract here to bring out some lines in the cloud....

I will admit to a little change in the contract here to bring out some lines in the cloud….

As I said last week, these pictures were all taken on the one day and I had plenty of time to wander around to different spots I use (although judging by the distance covered, I suspect I used my bike). On the way up to one, I was quite surprised to be engaged by a horse in a field on the way; it seemed a touch shy and wouldn’t let me stroke its nose, maybe because it still hurt from bashing out the bits of wood in the gate! Horses like to see what’s going on!

Pembrokeshires answer to "Mr Ed"

Pembrokeshires answer to “Mr Ed”

Along from there, there was a field that time had forgotten it seemed. As you can see, the little trees were all gnarled and stunted and surrounded in places by abandoned farm machinery. Looked quite nice though and I will bear this place in mind for more detailed pictures come the Summer. I can only presume these bits of machinery are useless now….

No idea what to do with farm machinery? Abandon it in a field!

No idea what to do with farm machinery? Abandon it in a field!

However, from the gate, there was a nice view of the shower I spotted earlier over Haverfordwest that still appeared to be there. There were some really nice oranges in the clouds now but as you can see, things were starting to clear after the solid cloud of the past few hours. I believe the saying my Nan used was that “there is just enough blue to make a pair of sailors trousers”….

Bye bye asperatus, hello cumulus and cirrus...still some rain over west though

Bye bye asperatus, hello cumulus and cirrus…still some rain over west though

Wandering (or riding…I now think this is most likely as the next set of pictures were taken a fair distance away) my way back to one of my usual haunts, there had a been a teeny bit of drizzle and this had woken up a small snail who was running (!) for cover along a bramble leaf in the hedge in front of me…..

Run, snail, run! Rain's a-coming!

Run, snail, run! Rain’s a-coming!

To finish the day, a nice sunset. I’m sure most people who see sunsets like this don’t describe them as nice but I though the orange and pink glow on the clouds was lovely and I got a nice glow from the crops in the field too, which I find incredibly difficult to do most times I try, so it was a victory for me!

And as a finale to the day, a nice sunset....

And as a finale to the day, a nice sunset….

Well that’s the lot from this day…the 4.00 pm until 9.30 pm all day weather shoot. Okay, so it’s nothing on storm chasing in the US or Australia, but it’s fairly unusual to see such vivid clouds in Wales. I wonder how many people even noticed that this was happening? Such a shame if it passed them by.

Thanks for dropping in and I’m very much appreciating those likes from people…please keep them coming. There are a load of sunsets coming up at a quick glance into the new folder so, if you like colourful evening light, keep tuned in!

See you soon, I hope.


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