Hedgerow pictures and looking skywards

Said I’d be back.

Thanks to the few people who visited the site after my post regards my prize. If that wasn’t you and you are looking at this new post wondering what I am talking about, go back one too…I won a prize!

One of the things I find as I wander the lanes with my camera, getting cynical glances from most people, if that it is always worthwhile looking closely at things now and again, as there are lovely things both on a large (my skyscapes) and a small scale (see my previous winning post). The same can be seen in my following pictures…who’d have thought rusty old barbed wire and rotten wood would make something aesthetically pleasing some day?

Cheeky use of aperture priority here to focus further back. Technical!

Cheeky use of aperture priority here to focus further back. Technical!

Some of you will realise that it was Spring/Summer when I took these latest pictures. Sorry to remind you of a warmer time gone by. It’ still very windy and wet here at the moment, so I haven’t got any new images at all in the last few weeks but I have plenty in my archive…the bluebells are a dim and distant memory.

There was more than one, I just thought I'd use macro mode

There was more than one, I just thought I’d use macro mode

I think that these flowers are called red campion, even they aren’t red at all..they are purple. Found along the hedgerows up and down the roads that I zoom along on my bike (just bought a new hybrid bike if anyone’s interested) and apparently pop up as the bluebells fade, so they’re often found in the same place. According to the font of all knowledge (Wikipedia), they were once used as a remedy for snake bites. Not entirely sure I’d opt for this over anti-venom, but chances of being bitten by a snake in Pembrokeshire are slim; I’d win the lottery first, then get struck by lightning just afterwards.

Some of the wonder drug...not-all-that-red-really-Campion

Some of the wonder drug…not-all-that-red-really-Campion

On to my comfort zone, weather and associated bits and bobs, in this case some lovely crepuscular rays from a very fortuitously placed strip of cloud when I was out walking. I know the quality may seem a bit pants when seen on the web, but click on it to get as bigger view or even email me if you fancy for the full resolution. You know you want to.

Nice rays, man

Nice rays, man

No onto something a little more unusual that was sent in to WeatherNet but to them it obviously wasn’t too striking; a circumzenithal arc or circumzenith arc. As you can see, it almost looks like a disjointed version of the more common rainbow but it arises from refraction of sunlight through ice, generally in cirrus cloud, rather than from raindrops after a storm. Never seen one? This is the partly the reason it is deemed rare, because it appears so far over people’s heads and fades quickly.

This is why people need to look up more. Gorgeous colours eh? All included with a free crick in your neck :)

This is why people need to look up more. Gorgeous colours eh? All included with a free crick in your neck 🙂

Lastly, onto some clouds. In this case a mackerel sky (so named from the fact that it looks similar to the markings of an adult king mackerel). Get ready for the science bit from my fave website! The usual occurrence of these clouds is an indicator of moisture and instability at intermediate levels, but the most common reason for the occurrence of a mackerel sky is an old, disintegrating frontal system which is probably what happened here. The cloud was probably originally altostratus and has been broken up into altocumulus as the front disintegrates.

A lovely mix of cloud "textures" here

A lovely mix of cloud “textures” here


There are some sayings that accompany this kind of sky; “Mackerel in the sky, three days dry” and “Mackerel sky, mackerel sky. Never long wet and never long dry”.

Well then, there is your daily dose of weather science and a touch of medical advice. Actually, if you get bitten by a snake, go to the hospital, don’t just pack it with red campion…that’d be silly.

Anyway, thanks for dropping in. See you all next time!


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