Again with the WeatherNet prize


Just a short one this time, mainly to boast of my second year running winning of a prize from WeatherNet on t’interweb for one of my fab weather themed photos. Some of you may remember the grizzle I had not so long ago saying I can’t have won anything…yeah, kind of ignore that. There’s my impatient streak showing. It appears that the mad British weather of late (it’s been so windy my sailing was cancelled due to risk of watery accidents) has kept them occupied and I only got the email a week or so ago.

I’m beginning to get a theme from what wins moolah now too, as this new image is more of an effect of the weather, rather than the stuff I really like such as rainbows, storm clouds and all that shizzle. No matter, I shall be a whopping £20 richer for it and I will be able to my some hi-viz gear so I can go riding at dusk without being run down. Seems I’m darker in my stuff than I thought, according to my Dad!

Talking of Dad, he was the one who suggested I send this picture, so special thanks to him and I may have enough change for a coffee left out of the prize fund. Anyway, enough rambling, this is the pic…..

I wasn't thinking of prizes when I took this image to be honest

I wasn’t thinking of prizes when I took this image to be honest

For anyone interested, this was the dry cracked floor of a disused slate quarry in Scleddau, near Fishguard. I’m guessing but this may very well appear around the Summer months on the calendar, so I’m quite chuffed. Wonder if I can make it three in a row? I’m sure I can get something from the archive.

If any of you good people fancy a copy of the calendar, just go to the website at and follow the instructions; I seem to recall you need to call a number to order one and I think the calendar is free, but you just pay a little more for the call.

Anyway, I shall now sign off to bask in the warmth of my photography talent….or something….but will be back in the near future with another post, where I shall be back to some weather phenomena.

See you soon I hope!

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