Some more cool looking skies

Hello you lot!

Appreciate the patience here, thanks for waiting for my post without running off. Unlike some that post openly on Facebook or something that they are off on holiday so someone can come round and rob their house (it has happened, Google it if you don’t believe me!), I thought it best to do this after I returned. I spent a very nice holiday in Bruges and, in time, with be posting the images on here; remember, they’re all posted in retrospect!

For now, I am posting a few more images of weird things in the sky. Some you have seen before, some you have not. I’m sorry if this is samey, but I can’t help but love the weather…I even managed to get some pictures of an awesome hail core from my hotel window when I was away!

In the first instance, there’s a familiar beast, a very pleasant sunset with a nice hint of pink for a twist. Don’t get that pink hue up so high too often so it was nice to see again.

Orange down under, pink above...the laws of optics in action

Orange down under, pink above…the laws of optics in action

However, whilst I was there, my eye caught on some “cuckoo-spit” and I thought I would include that too just for interest and the fact that the macro mode on the camera is not very oft used! I looked this up and found the name of an insect that creates this and can’t say I have ever heard of it. This is apparently the protective covering for a froghopper nymph known as a “spittlebug”; yup, I had never heard of it either. I knew that it was a protective coating for something though, apparently created by the nymph feeding on the sap of whichever plant it is on which causes no real damage. Everyone’s a winner…

Ewwww! Someone's spat on this plant! Oh, wait....

Ewwww! Someone’s spat on this plant! Oh, wait….

Next up is another better view of some KelvinHelmholtz instability (on the right hand side in the middle of the image, looks very much like a breaking wave side on) that I saw whilst out on my bike. Alas the background is a similar colour so, sorry, you may have to squint a little to see it!

It is there...honest. You may need to look closely

It is there…honest. You may need to look closely or click the image to enlarge

Moving on to things you may not have seen and an image I have also passed on to WeatherNet for their competiton (will keep you informed), is a contrail shadow from a perfect conjunction between the old contrail and the setting sun with just enough darkness to make it stand out quite well. Quite a number of coincidences there, but pretty striking I thought.

Right place, right time with this shot

Right place, right time with this shot

Last, but not least, is something I haven’t seen all that often, so hopefully you haven’t too which is some “jellyfish” clouds. On a very small scale and nothing like the ones found on the internet in more far-flung places than Pembrokeshire…

The proper term for jellyfish cloud is glaciation. Don't say the internet never teaches you anything

The proper term for jellyfish cloud is glaciation. Don’t say the internet never teaches you anything

Referring to my friends in Wikipedia again to explain this, the cause is thus “particles of ice found in high altitude clouds of the cirrus family, convective clouds and some mid-level clouds are mixed with supercooled droplets of water; they are associated with icing conditions that occur when an aircraft flies through the clouds and serve as a catalysis to the formation of ice crystals” which then fall as these fronds from the cloud.

I guess this means that if you are in a plane and you fly through these, you want to turn the heaters on?! Mind you, at sunset they looked pretty so I thought it worthwhile to pass the sighting on.

Well, that’s the lot for the time being so hope you liked it. More in the next few days. Back on the boat sailing this weekend too so will keep you up to date with that too.

See you soon!


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