Still cold and grey out, so another video :(

Hello everyone!

Yes, I know, still rubbish weather here. Can you believe it?! I know most people who reside here can’t; however, in defence of Mother Nature, the temperatures are moving towards double figures during the day and the frosts are beginning to recede. Last night I even though there would be a nice sunset, but I was wrong.

Dad and I braved the cold yesterday for a touch of garden maintenance but a few hours is about all you can stand with the easterly wind blowing…from Siberia it seems. We got done what we needed to get done anyhow.

Seeing as I have been home for the Easter holidays taking medication for my self-inflicted injury of late, the cat has become an integral part of my entertainment (don’t get me wrong, I have left the house, just not taken many pictures). This being the case, please find following a video that’s been posted on my channel (no-one has subscribed yet!) of him attacking a grape. Yes, a grape.

He is “a bear of very little brain” so the saying goes…

Next post there will be pictures I promise, even if they are older ones!

Thanks for bearing with me.

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