More holiday pictures

Hello All!

Yes, yes, yes, I know. It’s been a long while since I have posted anything and I apologise for that but in between madness at work, overnight stays in Bridgend for work and then delivering the course I learnt on the overnight stays to people with very little IT knowledge, it’s been a bit busy! Mind you, good things come to those who wait, I have a lot of time off over Christmas so I am spending time in the local area and will be staying at home as my Dad is cooking an awful lot of super meals over the festive period. I suspect help may be required.

I shall continue with the theme I started of late, being my break near Abergavenny. I had a whole load of castle pictures on the camera card, but I figured seeing I put one in already, I should do something a little different. In this load, there a bit more history, but of a more recent nature, as the pictures are from the Blaenavon World Heritage Site ( near Monmouth. This is the seat of coal mining in South Wales and was actually very interesting, both from the structures around and the information given. The latter I could have had more of, but it appears that off-season no-one was really encouraged to go…in fact, as I sat sheltering from the rain having a coffee in a cafe up from the closed visitor centre, I texted a friend saying that it all looked a little like a third world town, but pebble-dashed. Oooh, how I hate pebble dash.

Anyway, moving on, the first picture of a smelting area; at the right you can see the original workers cottages too…the oven (I think) is a pretty imposing structure when you figure out the scale isn’t it?

Blaenavon World Heritage site

Blaenavon World Heritage site

Secondly, much to the annoyance of my Dad who wanted to visit it too, I went the short distance up the road to Big Pit which is exactly what is says it is…a big pit. Well, a coal mine to be precise. I undertook a tour which involved going underground just as the miners did, but to do a lot less I assure you, although there was a good mile of walking I am told.

Interestingly and unexpectedly, we had to take off everything that would potentially create a spark down there, even down to my automatic watch! Fascinating stuff with all the original braces and the constant sound of running water (those with a weak bladder beware) but no pictures I’m afraid, as the flash could have set off gases when I was down there…maybe. It all seemed a bit “belt and braces” to me. When I emerged, the rain had stopped, so I could get a good shot of the lifting/winding gear with a clearish sky….

Winding gear at Big Pit

Winding gear at Big Pit

Lastly, I left slowly over the hill back towards my cottage. However, as has been proved by many a holiday in the past, I find it very difficult to go past a view such as the one following, this is the Heads of the Valley road towards the Black Mountains, without taking a few snaps. This one turned out just right with no filters or anything, just the dusk sunlight. Nice.

The view from Big Pit across to The Black Mountains

The view from Big Pit across to The Black Mountains

Anyway, that’s me out of posting breath for now. I suspect that it’ll either be close to or past Christmas next time I upload a post..I haven’t decided what of yet. In this case, I will take the opportunity to send a Happy Christmas greeting to you all, speak soon!



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