You are reading the Blog of an Award Winner..

Yes, that’s right…got an email from the lovely folks at WeatherNet and have been told that I won a prize of cash money by entering a picture in their annual competition. Okay, I didn’t win first or second prize, but I’m just one of the monthly pictures. Any prize is a good prize – I get a free copy of the calendar too. Woop woop!

Right. Honesty is the best policy as we all know….it’s not the one I would have chosen out of the shedload that I sent. I would have gone for a sunset or one of the storms I sent along, but they are my favourites, so I guess I am bias. However, when you look from the outside in, I guess it does illustrate the weather quite well in a “oh my god, it is freezing” way. Please feel free to comment if you wish.

Anyway, just a quick post this time, I’m off to a training course for work for the next few days this afternoon, so I would have left things a bit too long in my mind, plus I fancied boasting a bit about my first prize for a picture ever.

And here it is……


Speak soon!

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