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Bit of a mash-up

Hello All,

Thanks for dipping into my blog again, much appreciated. I have been here there and everywhere over the past few days so there is nothing too specific here today, just a few of my favourites from previous trips out. I am on the verge of a card being finished, so hopefully you will be regaled by some images from my holiday in the Black Mountains, exciting stuff.

Just come back from Haverfordwest where I have been collecting money, or at least being nice to those who wish to donate, for the Poppy Appeal. We filled a couple of tins, even though it wasn’t too busy, so quite a successful few hours all told. The total is yet to be discovered! After that, I had the joy of shopping..I don’t mind shopping, but I DO mind those who slip into neutral whilst doing it. I’m all for lanes myself; one marked “here to get what’s on the list” and one marked “not entirely sure what they are doing and never looks around to see if they are in the way”. Not practical or easy to sign-write but valid.

Anyway to the pictures, firstly a sunset entered in the recent weather competition. I’m still waiting to see if I win anything but apparently I have to wait until the end of the month, but I have reserved a copy of next years calendar just in case! This one from my usual haunt but a nice watery orange, lasted a long while it did too. Very nice.

Very little wind helped keep this sunset around for a good while, worthwhile watching

Next up, a couple of pictures I took after a considerable amount of rain had fallen in the county a few weeks back, I went to my fave waterfall (where I had not all that long before been for a swim…very cold) to find that it was a mass of foam and spray, the most water I have ever seen flowing over it. Nice bit of slow shutter blur and hey presto, you have what you see below. Impressive…

Does anyone else think this looks vaguely tropical?

I also went upstream a little to get a different angle from the top…I love the water running out of the image in a white stream.

I could hardly hear myself think, nice view though!

Time please! There we have another post. Hopefully for the next time I post I will know if I have won a few quid in this compo, bit of a bummer waiting but like the saying goes, all good things. Maybe.

Until next time, cheerio!

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