A close encounter of the blubbery kind

Sweet, the pictures have arrived. Again, great big thanks to the people at Celtic Quest Coasteering for the experience and professional leading of the small (but perfectly formed) group recently.

There were a number of pictures, but I have chosen just a couple to get the point across. Before I go any further though, I guess I must say that if you are local to this area or have a similar coast near you and are thinking of doing this coasteering lark, please don’t do it without a guide. But if you insist on being a miser to save some money, for goodness sake, wear a life jacket and tell someone where you are. As you can see below, the sea is not to be trifled with…..and this was a fairly calm day.

The first pictures shows the swell and white water after a wave broke into our nice comfy pool. There we were, just lying there, minding our own business but hey, that was all part of the fun. If you think you can see looks of mild panic scattered around, you are probably right, it takes some getting used just floating in a swell and waves when your natural reaction is to swim.

Woooo! Rinse please!

Now this second picture, this is a diamond. Hard to tell, but that is me under all the safety gear. In the Blue Lagoon (which wasn’t all that blue this day) we found a fan. A juvenile seal who was using the area to shelter and lose his white fur before embarking on adult seal life in the Irish Sea.

He was gorgeous and so inquisitive and got closer than this to others, even nuzzling one member of the group! You could almost see him thinking “strange looking seals” as he slowly swam around us.

I’m not sure who is more interested in who….

Overall, a truly memorable experience and one I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone, even if you can’t swim.

Anyhow, that’s all for this week expect to say thanks for bearing with me for these pictures; back to normal next week and there’s a few pictures coming up of the Black Mountains too, after my recent holiday. Sorry for the delay, it’s taking ages to finish the card as the weather’s been awful of late there have been diddly squat in the way of sunsets to speak of.

Thanks again…see you all soon!

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