I return!

I’m back from Abergavenny but I was clearing up yesterday as I came back to a very green fish tank, amongst other things, so forgive the lack of post/picture. Also things got a little derailed as I promised you pictures of the seal I coasteered with. I paid for the pictures but they haven’t arrived. Seems that The Royal Mail were slacking, so there’s another USB on the way to me.

Also, I have just got in from sailing. I was expecting a bit of a pootle around but was thrown at the deep end (pun intended) as we embarked on a race that took nigh on 5 hours. It was cool though and we came 9th of 12 boats that started so we didn’t completely bum out.

Once the USB arrives I shall post a pic or few. If not, you just get landed with my stuff. Keep this frequency clear!

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