Off on holiday to wander…following Coasteering

Hello you lot.

Just a quick post this time as I am away to Abergavenny to a little cottage for week starting tomorrow. I have been quite busy this morning and still have a few housekeeping type things to do as well as just having submitted my last few images to WeatherNet in the vain hope I may win a little money. We shall see. If you wish I may post some of the images soon….let me know.

Whilst I am here, I also said that I would give a holler to the fantastic folks at Celtic Quest Coasteering. Yes, this is not the best place to advertise such a thing as I don’t have many visitors but even a few hits on their webpage would be great…you can find it at

I went out on Wednesday with them and had a great, although mainly turbulent, time. At some points it was like being in a very salty, cold, foamy washing machine. This is what it’s about though, so we had fun (a group of 4 of us) and I stretched muscles never knew I had, as well as relieving myself of a chunk of finger. Apparently, it served me right for trying to hold on to a rock. Pfffft. We had a close encounter with a young seal too, which was wonderful and he was so close we could have touched him, the inquisitive little chap. Once I get the pics, I will post a few..they are on the way to me on a USB so will be a short time yet.

Anyway, to more mundane things, here’s my picture for the week. Just a local sunset this time but slightly unusual in the relection of light upwards on the clouds creating a very pretty dappled effect. I hope you enjoy it.

A lovely orangey mackerel sky over Hill Mountain

Oh yes, I nearly forgot; an extra mention to a colleague of mine at work who splashed out on five of my pictures lately, many thanks for this.

For those who know of some people who may want prints of the themed pictures featured here, the charges are very reasonable and I don’t add a huge premium, honest. If you want an image, leave a comment and an email address/telephone and I can arrange things…don’t be scared!

Speak to you in a week or so on my return from Abergavenny.

  1. #1 by chatroulette on July 11, 2013 - 11:03 pm

    WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for unpeaceable

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