A Birthday record!

Hello All!

Firstly, a big thank you to all those who have “kept their foot in” and continued to follow the blog. This contributed to my largest ever number of visits on the day of my birthday. Yay! 26! This is a trifling number compared to most sites but it’s a plus for me so, thanks.

Just quickly writing this post before I head out for some impromptu sailing training down at the local marina. I could return wet so I have a change of clothes packed and ready. As my father will testify, where there is water, I usually tended to end up as a child.

I shall continue on posting the images I have saved and this week it’s going to be some pictures I took near Aberaeron following a storm and also some of the nasty looking clouds we had around here at around the same time. Again, I think one or both of these have been submitted to the weather photo comp.

Poor boat, found the only hard thing to get washed up on!

The next picture is of the weather we got nearer me, as you may know I like my clouds and here is a good one from the evening at around sunset.

Hmm, looks like the edge of a front to me. Nice!

That’s it from me for a bit…I know have to go and fall into the Irish Sea. I shall let you know what happens!

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