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No controversial photos here, I’m afraid

What with a member of the royal family forgetting that any move she makes is going to be photographed from now on, I imagine my viewing figures will be somewhat lower for this post. How modest of me.

Catching up through the recent pictures on my PC and moving away from holidays with ex-partners, here’s a couple more, extolling the virtues of my new home county. Alas, this weekend there is the mother of all athletic races here, so I shan’t be out taking any more images like this for a short time as the roads are all closed. However, I have a large archive. Firstly, there’s the coast just outside the small village of Marloes. Often described as one of the best family beaches in Pembrokeshire, this is why I tend to avoid it as during the Summer it can be very busy; this view is the other side of the peninsula.

Pembrokeshire Coast Path near Marloes

The next is one of my famous sunset/weather images. Anyone still reading this might be interested to know that I have submitted a number of images like this to a website (WeatherNet) competition that may be used to help construct a calendar. Sweet. Not a huge prize (about £20 I recall….and a free calendar) but it would boost a bit of confidence if nothing else. I’ll keep you informed.

This sunset got better and images are currently waiting for submission to a competition….

I’m waiting for someone at the moment then I’m off for a swim up in the north of the county. She’s taking part in this race and has to register of something so….not sure if I shall get there too soon. Keep tuning in, more to come.

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