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Back for more, eh?

Hello again, web friends! Yes, I have now got a little more time on my hands, so I shall be popping out taking pictures a bit more than I used too and hopefully that should reflect on the blog. It won’t be regular I’m sure but there won’t be a month gap this time.

I’ve tried to go back to kind of where I left off with the more recent posts. This was a break I took in Narberth some time back now. If anyone wants to know where I went, the website is; not a million miles away from home but I decided to go to check out the local hype. Very nice too, this was a good idea. A lovely spa, pool, beautiful setting and some great walks around the site.

The first picture is of one of these walks, to a house ruin only a short distance from the top of the site and hidden in the woods. For a while I thought I was on the wrong track, then boom! There it was, overgrown and imposing.

The ruin of a house in the woods near Bluestone, Narberth. Can I remember the name? No, sorry!

The second picture is one of my specialities….clouds. Now this is bugbear with colleagues at work and was with her too but I like them and taking pictures of them, so what? Look at some advertising for holidays and the like sometime, skies play a part in painting the picture, so why the heck not? I particularly liked this one with the lodges in the foreground.

Lodges at Bluestone with a lovely Cirrus cloud blanket above

That’ all for now. More soon though, I promise! Tell your friends to subscribe, it’ll give me more hits and I will be spurred into action more readily 🙂