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Beach Season!

Firstly, apologies for the lack of posting. What with a number of days where I have had to travel 3 hours to Cardiff for a course and the amount of work that’s been on, plus, cleaning cars and fish, it’s been a little hectic.

Now the sun’s out, all the thoughts in the Office immediately turn to this. Beach! In the UK, Wales is no exception, we have this uncanny ability to strip off to a point that allows us to burn as red as lobsters whenever we see the glimmer of a sunny spell that may last more than a few minutes. Not sure if this is a primeval thing or not, but it makes people look funny, saw a few today. I’ll confess that I am red too but this is due mainly to me forgetting a hat and having an unexpected sunny day when I was out and about. It was meant to be raining.

Broadhaven South, on the Castlemartin Range

It’s so sunny and so near the Jubilee celebration, we may also actually be purchasing a proper barbecue. Sweet. I feel burnt sausages coming on!! Mmm, food poisoning.

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