Waterfall Trail

I cannot begin to describe how wet and horrible it is right here at the moment. Even the fish in my aquarium are taken aback! Of late its been really damp so I have no option to look back through some pictures. This time it’s another trail from when I was in Blackpool.

The top of the Ingleton Trail. Love the lines in the rock over yonder. Striations, I think?

This trail was from one extreme to the other. You may remember the blurred brook that I posted a couple of weeks back from it. Well, this image is only around 20 minutes up the hill (slower than most walk, thanks to my iffy knee…old war wound…of sorts) so the trails was very diverse. From this point, it was all down hill to where a gaggle of geography students were gathered. Not entirely sure what they were doing. The conditions were just right as you can see although I would have loved to have spent the afternoon wandering around.

Hmm, this'll come in handy for the pot of car park change....

Earlier in the walk, there was a new phenomena I am seeing more of. A “money tree”. Not sure what purpose it serves or whether it’s just a single person that starts it off hoping that others will follow. As you can see, it works. Must be one of the most lavishly decorated tree trunks I’ve seen. Probably worth all of about £20, as no-one seems to want to put more than 2p in! There was even a big rock left for you to smack in your loose change.

Here’s for some more sunsets next week, getting fed up of this rain and wind.

Addendum – I’m getting a little peeved with WordPress at the minute, as it is getting increasingly difficult to upload pictures. This is, after all, why I started to blog! The browser upload is useless and the tool given gives errors all the time. If this isn’t resolved soon (all the advice given I have tried but to no avail) I may have to withdraw my support and stop posting. This post has taken nigh on 50 mins when it used to take less than 5 mins! I have better things to do, like take the pictures in the first place.

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