Ruins and Refinery

What a genius, just thought of that one. Just a couple more shots from the archives, this time. The first picture is none too old and I have since revisited the site with the new camera and when it was sunny. Being Wales you can never quite guarantee the weather so I’m afraid you’ll have to bear with the cloudy shots.

This is Llawhaden Castle, near Narberth. If any is wondering how you pronounce the name, the best way would be to insert a “C” where the first “L” is and pronounce it as you would pronounce the word “clown” to make Clow-haden. First Welsh word complete, well done! Lovely set of ruins here, bizarrely situated next to…I mean right next to…a residential home for the elderly called Castle View. Well, they would call it that as honestly you can’t see a hell of a lot else!

Ooooh, pretty lights.

This is my favourite (easiest) night shot around here, the refinery across the water from Neyland. At this time, the weather had been rubbish and there was a constant scud of low cloud over the site. I wondered what it would look like exposed for a length of time and this is the result. Pretty cool huh? If you look top middle, you might even spot a few stars poking through the cloud as it thinned. Orion maybe? Enjoy, see you soon.

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