Some pictures from “Up North”

My last trip away was to the sunny climes of Blackpool, on the Northwestern coast of the UK. I say sunny sarcastically, but the weather wasn’t half bad actually; the only time it rained was once and that was at night.

A lovely Yorkshire brook on a slow shutter

One of the trips out we had was to the Ingleton Waterfall Trail (more info here Took a few minutes to do a nice smooth time-lapse of a small brook as well as my more normal snaps. getting there was a bit nerve-wracking for us country folk as there were no fewer than 8 speed cameras on the way there; no worries most would say but for someone who’s not used to them, they are horrible and I hate them with a passion (see pictures here by people who hate them just a little bit more than me; I would much rather talk to a person if I was caught speeding and what about the drunkard or other ne’er-do-wells they miss? All is well, as long as they weren’t speeding it appears.

Anyway, we also visited the Blackpool Zoo. Now, as a rule I am not a zoo person, but I’m not so naive to think that these animals are safer on the outside as they are clearly not, so I tolerate them and am happy to give them the entrance fee as long as they look after the animals. In this zoo, the conditions were fantastic, they even had open enclosures for small monkeys and lemurs that you could walk through. However, my other half, being one for anything small and cute, leant down to a monkey pursed her lips to make that squeaky noise…what does little monkey do? Presumes her finger is food and chomp! No blood but fair teeth marks. No lasting damage but I suspect she won’t do that again in a hurry.

We timed a number of the visits to certain areas right, as we got to see the sea-lions and penguins being fed as well as these gorgeous elephants. I’ve never been near an elephant but they are magnificent. Whilst we were there, no more than 15 foot away, this one made that low growling noise you hear on the nature programmes and it went straight through you, it felt like it bounced around your ribs! Quite an experience.

What a magnificent animal; I think that's a bit of squash being munched on here. Yum!

So, if anyone is in the area and fancies a well spent day, I’d recommend it. However, keep you hands in your pockets in the walk through enclosures!

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