Some more Holiday snaps

No, this isn’t a new holiday that I have been on, I’m just revisiting an old one, the Rome trip. I was flicking through the pictures as it’s a cold, windy and wet day here in Pembrokeshire and I though some just needed to be posted. Thought it was brightening up a little while back but it appears I was wrong.

I’d forgotten how blooming hot it was whilst we were there until I found this set of the Forum and the associated ruins where I distinctly remember having to shade myself from the sun every few minutes, due to my inherent Northern European pastiness. If ever anyone fancies visiting, this really is the place to go first.

The Forum, what little you can fit in the camera lens! The Colosseum can be seen in the background.

This was my kind of place because, once you had wandered the streets looking at a myriad of ancient monuments…and I mean a myriad, the photos I took don’t do any justice at all…you could pick up a cool drink and sandwich from the regularly spaced vendors (none of whom were Italian or sold Italian food I’m disappointed to say, this was mine and my other halfs only real downer) and slink off to the best park ever, the Villa Borghese Gardens, seen below.

Welcome shade and a cool breeze in the Villa Borghese Gardens

Shady, above the roads, nothing more powerful than a hired pedal bike is allowed to pass through here so it was one of our regular quiet haunts. It reminded me very much of the big cities in Australia, where they all had parks in the centre. When I lived in Sydney, I spent almost every other evening in Centenary Park in Surry Hills. The ice-cream shop must have made a mint out of me!

However, it is sobering and right to remember that not all of us have the cash for a nice holiday. When I went for a walk of an evening, I spotted in the half light what I though was a pile of rubbish.

Did circumstances create this, or did the occupier choose to live here? I wondered quite hard.

Appears I was wrong, as it was someones “house”. He didn’t appreciate the attention either. I don’t speak Italian, but I suspect he wasn’t remarking on the weather. All this spitting distance from hotels and house with very expensive cars outside. Food for thought.

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