Cloud effects & sunsets, I love them!

Now, a few of the more regular viewers (if there are any) will appreciate that I may spend more of my time looking up as opposed to where I am walking, hence the number of sunset pictures and such on the blog. Here’s a couple more I am afraid, so best skip this post if they don’t interest you!

Cloud shadows on the Preseli Mountains

This particular picture was taken on the Preseli Mountains (which have recently got some snow, despite a warm spell where my car thermometer showed 23C). Not quite sure what it shows exactly, but it looks pretty cool. From what research I could doo via Google, seem that the upper side of the cloud was very ragged and the sun just created some dramatic shadows. A simple phenomenon but still, very pretty.

Contrails and colour, the best kind of sunset.

Now, a good old Summer contrail sunset. I know we are meant to stare hatefully at people who take long haul trips (or at least you’d think so with the increase in taxes and protests) but if there weren’t planes about there would be the beautiful sunsets. It’s a bit backward I know, but keep them coming I say.

I have the new camera now, thanks to my colleague for taking on the old one so he can get back into photography with his grandchildren. It’s rather super dooper I must say, so I shall be having a play now that Spring and Summer are here. Keep posted. Next post will probably be a couple of pictures from my recent holiday in Lancashire….plenty of waterfalls and scenery, I recommend it!!

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