The little critters you can find in hedges

I promised my Dad I’d post this pictures and I’d forgotten up until now so here they are.

One of the advantages of living in a fairly rural location is the wildlife. Not so good when you have foxes barking in the middle of the night or badgers digging in the lawn for food, but there’s a plethora of wildlife that we sometimes don’t see. These two little creepy crawlies had seemingly been woken up after a sharp rain shower. I suspect that the newt….I think it’s a newt…was taking advantage of the damp grass to scuttle off to a new pond or stream, bless him. Quite a cute little thing.

Leave me alone to find my pond!!

The spider caught my eye from the markings once I got it in focus. If anyone know what it is, please feel free to comment. All I was glad of is the fact it didn’t maker me run around after it or jump on the lens. Whilst I love to look at things like this, I’d rather not have them wandering all over me!

A very patient (insert name here) spider. Lovely markings.

By the way, new camera coming soon… a Nikon D3100, so any hints tips or constructive criticism from those images is more than welcome. I’ll let you know when I post them.

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