I return, with moving water again

Hello again, I’m back from hols so there should be a regular post (of sorts) appearing here from now on unless stated otherwise.

A quick picture from before my holiday when I went for a quick exploration of a small river near Fishguard, in a place called Wolf’s Castle. Annoyingly, I tramped a good mile or so through woods that made my knees ache only to see, when I arrived, that there was a path that lead to the main road! There was even a blooming lay-by I could have parked in. Oh well, it was good exercise.

A small but very noisy waterfall, near Wolf's Castle

I’m sure the story is complicated and lost in the mists of time but just to let you know, there’s no castle at all and there are no wolves there. It’s actually a very rocky area with a large prominent outcrop of the local hard “blue stone” which is used for rock-climbing practice during the Summer months.

Talking of Summer, we are now into BST and I celebrated by doing what all red-blooded men with a sporty hatch-back such as myself should. I washed the car. Mmmm, shiny. I can actually see the original colour now.

By the way if anyone is reading this on 26.03.12 and it’s around sunset, take a look out to the West, there’s another conjunction similar to my previous post out there. Enjoy…and don’t say I never give you anything!

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