Now that I’ve calmed down….

Apologies for my overlong rant about “that lady” earlier this week, I have calmed down now, although I see at least 3 people agree with me. Thanks.

Now that I’ve been expelled from areas like that :), I turned my attention of late to a planetary phenomena, namely the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. Not too many clear skies recently, but I did catch one as you can see below. For a few more pictures, please visit too, the gallery should still be up for a while.

Planetary conjunction of Venus and Jupiter over Milford Haven refinery

This was taken along from my girlfriend’s flat, just on the waterfront and you can also clearly see the “Belt of Venus” I have previously referred to with traces of a past pink sunset. If some of you click on it to see the full size picture (actually, you’ll probably have to as the thumbnail is larger than I planned) you’ll see that it’s not perfect due to mist, but I’m quite proud of it really and only wanted to remove the camera noise as opposed to enhance it beyond what I actually saw. So, I hope you appreciate it.

I’m around but not near the PC until 27th March now, so there will be a period of inactivity for a bit, sorry about that. Best wishes until then and be safe in the knowledge that there are some nice pictures in store for you from my recently downloaded card.

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