An Autumnal wander

Not so far from where I live, walking distance in fact, is the teeny hamlet of Port Lion. On the way down is a gate which has always been a teeny bit inviting for a walk, but I was discouraged by the signs that said the local gamekeepers shot pests and if you got in the way, so what. However, not hearing said warfare on such animals, I figured the risk was worth taking.

A lovely track, used by four wheel drives (but not for some time) and at the time I took it, the leaves were turning creating some lovely shades in the trees.

Colours in the trees and leaves near Port Lion

On my way home, after being set upon by local dog walkers as some kind of freak of nature because “only dog walkers use this track and I’m happy to let my snarling beast off it’s lead and bowl you over”, it started to rain. Then stop, then get windy, then stop. Pretty annoying, until I got home and this lovely cloudscape appeared…I think bad weather makes the best photos, don’t you?

Autumn squall over Pembrokeshire

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