The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

You can’t really visit Pembrokeshire, should anyone wish to visit, without being aware of the national Park and the trails that criss-cross it. Most of the pictures you’ll see on here will be ones that I have taken through my wanderings on it, so there’s no way to avoid it!

West Angle Bay, just at the entrance to Milford Haven and the deep water port

When the weather allows (as Winters here are wet, windy, cold and manky in the main) my beloved and I like to go for a tramp up around the beaches. I have occasionally dipped a toe in and even swum on a number of occasions, the last was was at tad late in the season and I ended up first going numb, then bright red. Quite a sight I assure you, I can still remember Sam’s face as she helped me dry off, as well as the fact I couldn’t really feel the towel! Brrrrr…

Just over the hill from Newgale, my favourite beach

However, I digress. When the sun is out, the beaches here are the best, much nicer than the horrid stoney Brighton or Newhaven beach I used to live near in Sussex. So, if you fancy a walk along the Coast Path and it gets too hot, feel free to use the gifts of coastal erosion and have a dip.

Should you wish to see maps and so on, please visit

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