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It’s amazing what you can find down a farm track

Bit misty and murky here of late so not a huge amount of opportunity to go out getting new shots, so I am afraid that you’ll have to suffer the archives for a little while longer.

An old plough, languishing in the undergrowth

These two pictures were taken down a track not far from me, relics of farming days gone by I imagine in the form of an old glass house and a plough, decaying away in the verge. Shame really, I dare say the plough would be snapped up as a feature in a garden or even an old farming museum, given half a chance. Although it was a while back now, I’m sure it’s still there.

I considered forging a route through the undergrowth to have a closer look at the glass house but, knowing my propensity for either ripping clothing or standing on/in things I shouldn’t, I passed!

An old glass-house, ripe for exploring and/or inflicting all sorts of injuries

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