Spring is around the corner

No great sunsets or warm weather as yet, but the Met Office promise that temperatures will be regularly getting into the realms of double figures soon, so it would appear that Spring may well be in the realms of being sprung.

Daffodils and Snowdrops, near Neyland Nature Reserve

As a celebration, just posting a couple of pictures of the national emblem, the Daffodil, here. These lovely flowers grown in our front garden bank and back garden and are emerging as we speak, one is on the verge of popping out and there some Primroses and Snowdrops on their way too. Thank goodness, I can drop the gloves soon! Mind you, I didn’t really need them this afternoon, decided to go for a bike only to have a puncture halfway and have to walk back so was kept very warm!

This is all thanks to the local farmers who, around this time, massacre the hedgerows (what remains of them) with what’s akin to a medieval flail bolted on the back of a tractor. Nice. Cheers guys, I found one of your thorns sticking out my tyre…you now owe me a tyre patch from Halfords!!

Ooh nearly forgot, here’s a lovely timelapse video that may interest you all…http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dSREFYyoy-4

Daffodils in the shade of the tree on our garden bank

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