A couple of sunsets

Sorry, but I had an awful day at work today so my brain is a bit fried and all I can think to post is a couple of sunsets, may favourite type with the high clouds that reflect pink for a long time after the sunset.

The longest, featheriest cirrus cloud evvahh!

This one is the longest and most feathery cirrus cloud I have ever seen, I had to take a number of shots as I couldn’t fit it all in the lens spreading from one horizon to the other; it left me wishing I had a wider angle lens but for the £300 it costs and the amount of times I have needed it, I don’t think I really should!

The latter is a nice colourful shot from nearby fields which I can’t recall if I have posted once before earlier in the blog. However, if I have I’m sure it’s not the exact image and I like it, so hope you do too.

Lovely multicoloured sunset over the fields

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