A bit of a mix for St Valentines

Belt of Venus and incoming tide, Broadhaven

Hello all. First picture here is a sunset off Broadhaven which benefits from lovely weather in the summer and massive surf during the winter, which makes it popular all year round. When I say massive, this isn’t Hawaii and what do I know, when I tried surfing I ended up breaking a toe…

There were some surfers around when I took this but they were all heading in as the tide was coming in. Mind you, I didn’t mind as the blur of the turning tide was pretty effective. You can also see the Belt of Venus in this shot. The Belt of What I hear you say? Well, you’ve all seen it and may interpret it differently; it’s the area just above the horizon that darkens or goes a pinky hue when the sky above is blue. The blue area above you is reflecting normal sunlight, however, the sky in the Belt reflects light from the setting sun appearing more pink. It takes a while to fade out, so next time there’s a clear sunset, take a peek out of a window and there it will be.

The lesson on atmospherics for today ends! Finally, as a nod to St Valentines day, I also post a picture of a very forlorn rose I saw in Rome on my last holiday, at least it had been put in a cup though, poor thing. Hope you have a good time and receive at least one card each!

So close to the tap, yet so far away

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