Found it!

Ice halo and sundog...I was just lucky with the contrail

I knew I had that picture of the ice halo and found it after trawling both my memory and my hard drive. Whilst many people have been experiencing moon ice halos (see for pictures, but you’ll need to scroll down), I have yet to see one of those, so this will have to do and it’s been way to cloudy and wet where I live of late. Personally, I think this may even be a touch rarer, as wouldn’t the air during daylight hours be warmer so reducing the chance of an ice halo at all? Not sure. At the left (at around 9 o’clock) you may spot that there’s a little sundog too, I believe, so two for the price of one.

Apologies for the spots of dust, I couldn’t adjust the image to get rid of them without changing it entirely, so try to ignore them! Back shortly with a more artistic picture, as this one’s a bit plain.

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