A touch more night photography

Now I was sure, following the post of the ice pillar, that I had a pictre of an ice halo around the sun too. Do you think that I can find it? I ended up asking myself why I don’t label these pictures when I put them on, but it’d take ages, seeing there are a good 1000 pictures every time I clear a card off.

At the mouth of Neyland Marina on a misty night

So, in lieu of this, a quick picture of a misty night in Neyland with some lovely smoothed lines due to the long exposure. This view is across the Cleddau Estuary towards Pembroke Dock. The lonely fishing boat gives a clue as to the history of the area, but alas, this is one of the very few left which seems mainly to fish for shellfish (crabs, lobsters and such) on a small scale for local restaurants….pardon the slight pun. Also, the area was made famous due to some industrial works that were instigated by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. There are information boards around the marina now and track left on the quayside that was used by little haulage trains but now its all pleasurecraft, although none of them ever seem to move very far.

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