The cold snap arrives and I boil

As heralded, the winds from Russia have arrived. Apologies for the rant but here goes……..the news make a big thing of this and get everyone in a panic and it really gets on my wick. Public transport grinds to a halt due to “Health & Safety concerns” , people ring into work “I can’t come in, it’s snowing” when there’s a dusting on a hill 10 miles away or a slight frost. Northern Europe manages fine through their winter and they get feet of snow and ice! Ridiculous. Wear sensible shoes with grip, dress like you are going to stand outside instead of “to look good” and drive slowly, that’s all you need do…or if your car frightens you buy a Volvo XC or perhaps even question your ability. And winter tyres? Pah! I’ve never used winter tyres, seems like a cash-in to me especially seeing your insurance company wants you disclose even putting them on (for disclose, read charge). However, I am glad of a heated front screen on my car, just in case it freezes as I’m off on my way home so I’ll admit to that one.

Anyway, on to the pictures….sorry!

An ice pillar (I think) over Troopers Inn

Came home today and was hopeful of an ice pillar as it was still and clear. But that pesky cloud got in the way, so all I got was a yellowy smudge. However, I think the picture above is a fair image of a previous one. Can’t say I understand the mechanics, maybe someone can shed some light on it so I can look out for one properly, without freezing my fingers for no reason! In the absence of anything too exciting image wise, there’s a sunset below as well. My favourite kind, plenty of colour and a few types of cloud.

Sunset, Hill Mountain

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