An advert for the Welsh Tourist Board

Having posted a picture of a recent holiday, I though I’d a do a few more but this time of the three trips my girlfriend and I have taken around Wales. Bear with me, you’ll have to scroll down!

First trip was to Barmouth, well, a small village outside on the edge of the Cambrian Mountians. Lovely place that used to be an old farm where our bed was a converted hay loft! We were very lucky as the weather was very warm. In fact, on a couple of days, we actually beat the Med, so who needs foreign holiday when you have scenery like this?

Descending from the peak of the Llanberis Pass towards the town

Second trip, we were a little closer to home in the Brecon Beacons, the weather wasn’t so good that time in fact it rained so heavily and so long on the last day, we left early! This time we stayed on a caravan park on Llangorse Lake, one of the oldest lakes in the British Isles. Lovely spot and very reasonable with loads to do, including Dan-y-Ogof Caves, walks galore as well as boating and activities on the lake, as well as all over the park.

Scwd yr Eira in the Brecon Beacons, tricky muddy path to this!

Lastly, we went back to the Snowdonia area and stayed on a farm in Dolgellau….in January. Not the best choice we made but it worked out quite well, all things considered. However, the access was nerve-wracking as I’d only had my car 2 months and was taking slippy steep single track gradients uphill, round corners with oncoming farm vehicles! Plus I bottomed out on the track to the house; but they had a huge 4WD so what did they care? Lovely position though, we walked out and there was Cadir Idris for a hike, which deserves 2 pictures because it was such a gorgeous day. Enjoy!

About halfway up Cadir Idris. I'm King of the World!


The point where I considered I'd probably need to call Prince William if I tripped over!

My other half isn’t the climbing type (as she has “short legs”) and it was getting very frosty, so I took this following picture of as far as I got by myself before I flet it was beyond my skill level. Looks gorgeous but people take stupid risks; the weather turned awful after we left but people still tried to climb it and one even died.

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