Mamma Mia!

A partial "mamma" or "mammatus" cloud over Haverfordwest

A little play on words there, as I think from a touch of reading regards this cloud, it is the edge of a “mammatus” that has fallen apart. Saw this when I got into work one morning and was looking out of the window as the kettle was boiling. Luckily, I had my camera with me (not sure why) and caught a few shots. Again, I confess to noise removal in Photoshop, but the cloud you see is “as was” in shape and colour. Next to a good cirrus sunset, this is my favourite cloud type. Alas, it’s not seen here too often as the air isn’t unstable enough to cause them regularly, but this was attached to some hail showers, so I guess I was lucky.

Before I sign off for another couple of days, may I take the opportunity to thank fellow blogger, Jeffery Foltice of West Michigan, for signing up to “follow” my posts. Not sure if you think there is promise there, Jeffery, but thanks a lot for that, it cheered me up no end.

I promised I’d post a link too, so head on over to his blog, there’s some awesome pictures of birds and landscapes….

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