Oh Dam!

Approach to Rosebush Dam

A piece now mentioning the other dam (I haven’t posted the Llys-y-Fran dam as it’s not quite as spectacular as this) that I go to, just for a little time out really. It’s near Rosebush located in a valley (duh, of course) which was carpeted with pine forest on both sides. Half of that is gone now, seemingly “managed” by the Forestry Commission. Left an awful mess, though, if they want any feedback. With all this rushing water, I need to be sure I haven’t drunk too much tea. By the way, if anyone stumbles upon this post who is from Welsh Water, I’ll apologise now as yes, I do ignore the signs telling me not to go over the gate. However, I could be fishing or swimming which is what they think everyone wants to do near dams…I’m not, so the signs don’t apply in my mind. I’m not dim enough to think dams should be where I practice my front crawl for 2012 🙂

The nice little natural waterfall down from the sluice-gate

The water was very high and fast in the natural rock gully below on this occasion as you can see, so the photo above is a little too light. I tried my best, but I think I should have gone a more dull day to balance things out. A nice spot overall but you do have to “trespass” and don’t expect to converse with the person next to you if you take a friend, as it’s a bit loud! And don’t go swimming or fishing.

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