Look at this strange effect in the clouds

Hello all. I considered that I should post a sunset now that things are starting to brighten up around here, although that cold snap I was expecting has now arrived. After an afternoon out trying to find a waterfall (I did, eventually…pictures to follow) the prospects for a nice sunset looked pretty good and when it did come it had this stippled effect in the very high clouds again.

Sunset over Newgale with nice Cirrus backdrop

This is an old picture from when I first got my camera; if I had the control of it then like I have now I would have been able to enhance it further. Anway, I am sure there is an explanation for it most likely boring and scientific…it’s probably ice or very high clouds, which are mainly ice, agitated by wind. Until I find out what it is, I think it’s just pretty funky, so I hope you do to.

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