Noctilucent clouds over Pembrokeshire

Noctilucent clouds and a pretty good starscape too, I reckon

Not that anyone has been hanging on my every word, but here’s that post I spoke of regards noctilucent (“night shining” in Latin) clouds that I have seen. Below is a link to the all knowing Wikipedia regards them, if you wish to learn more, but there is actually very little known about these clouds, save for the fact they are created in the mesosphere, which is very high (over 50 miles up), very dry (apparently more so that the Sahara) and very cold (up to -130C)….and you thought that thermometer in the plane on your last holiday showed chilly temperatures! I’m afraid not. Some also link their creation to climate change or industrial pollution.

Learn more here –

The second and more photogenic occurence of these lovely electric blue clouds

Wikipedia refer to the constituents as mainly ice but I have read varying articles that refer to dust as well, so opinions differ. These pictures were taken in 2009 and the favourable conditions are clear Summer nights so, I’ll be keeping my eye out this year, I think. These were spotted about a week apart mid-summer and lasted around 30-45 minutes before fading behind the light pollution of Haverfordwest.

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